The Annapurna massif is the largest protected area in Nepal, stretching at almost 7 630 sq. km. Apart from the mountainеering and trekking which challenge the adventurer’s spirit, rafting and kayaking, the breathtaking views, the beautiful nature, the incredible monasteries and temples and the untouched by time towns, you can observe some unique animal species, who live only in the Himalayas – red panda, musk deer, snow leopard, all of the nepali pheasants, etc. you can also experience the hospitality of the local people, try their tasty food, buy beautiful works of the local crafts, use local guides and enjoy the traditional local culture, so deeply rooted in the Himalayan nature. All this helps the highlanders and they, on their part, actively help to keep the mountain in it’s genuine, intact form.
There’s a very interesting blog about the conservation and protected areas in Nepal, where you can check many detailed descriptions of where and what to do, itineraries, prices etc.: